A woman's car was stolen by three quick-thinking car thieves while she wrestled with a cell phone thief at an Atlanta gas station last weekend.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Emma Ebosi stopped at a Circle K gas station on the afternoon January 22 when a woman approached her and asked to use her phone. Ebosi told the woman that she'd make a call for her but wouldn't actually hand her the phone. The woman then flew into a rage, following Ebosi around the store, calling her names, and threatening her. Ebosi quickly left with the woman following her, and that's where things went sideways.

"I was walking to my car. She just attacked me from behind and we kind of fought over my phone," Ebosi told WSB-TV.

The alleged phone thief grabbed Ebosi from behind and they wrestled for a few moments in front of Ebosi's Saturn Vue. While they fought, Ebosi dropped her car keys without realizing it. Moments later, three unidentified men appeared, scooped up Ebosi's keys, and took off with her Saturn.

Atlanta Police Department spokesperson Lisa Bender told WSB-TV that, despite the timing, the two incidents were unrelated and the car theft was merely a crime of opportunity.

"This makes me question everyone now because anything can really happen," said Ebosi.

Thankfully, Ebosi was not hurt during the altercation. The cell phone thief, the car thieves, and Ebosi's Saturn are still at large.

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