Help us decipher the cryptic license plate on the latest Dodge Demon teaser

If you've been following along, you know that the slow rollout of the Dodge Demon has been filled with hints and teasers of what's to come. Every release encourages fans to watch the videos over and over to try and catch any hidden info. Last week, brief a glimpse of the wheels in a video hinted at this week's reveal, 18x11 inch lightweight wheels wrapped in what the DOT barely considers street-legal rubber. Along with details on the custom Nitto tires, Dodge released an image of the Demon in all its wide-body glory.

Planted on the back of the car is a cryptic Michigan license plate that reads #2567@35. It's obvious that this is another clue, but after a few hours of note taking, Google searches, and general discussion, we can't figure out what it means. We're throwing this out there in the hope that someone has better luck than we did.

Here are some of the things we've ruled out:
  • Address or coordinates
  • ¼ mile ET
  • ¼ mile trap speed
  • Power
  • Supercharger boost pressure
  • Some event in 1982
  • A hint at gear or final drive ratio

If you have some idea, post it in the comments.

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