A Baltimore cabbie and big time football fan got the surprise of his life when he picked up John Elway as a fare last week.

According to WTTG, a Baltimore cabbie named Sam Snow was shuttling passengers from Baltimore-Washington International Airport to Union Station in Washington D.C. during the run-up to the presidential inauguration. At one point while he was in D.C., a police officer asked him if he was available to give four passengers a lift.

After the officer directed Snow to take the passengers, and two men and two women jumped in his cab. One of the passengers commented on Snow's Pittsburgh Steelers jacket. Snow, who is a Western Pennsylvania native and a life-long Steelers fan, was eager to talk football. Little did Snow know that one of his passengers was Hall of Fame quarterback and Denver Broncos legend John Elway.

Eventually, as it does during most football conversations, the question of which quarterback was the sport's all-time best came up. Without hesitation, Snow named Elway as the sport's best quarterback. Luckily, one of Elway's group was filming Snow's answer.

"Number one, John Elway, he's a great quarterback," Snow can be heard saying on the video. By this point, one of the passengers was filming the conversation and Snow still hadn't figured out Elway was in his cab despite the fact that he said he'd recognize Elway if he saw him.

After a bit of back and forth with the passengers, during which he named Tom Brady and Ben Roethlisberger as his second and third place quarterbacks, Elway revealed his identity and everyone had a good laugh.

"All the time, he was talking to me. To me, it was just a regular pickup for four passengers," Snow told WTTG.

Snow told Elway that the ride was free, and asked only for a couple of pictures with the Hall of Famer in return. Elway graciously obliged and, according to Snow, left an extremely generous tip.

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