In an incident that must make him feel like the unluckiest man alive, a California man had two cars mangled by two trees during a storm in Sacramento last week.

According to FOX40, Gerogiy Karpekin was at the Land Park campus of Sacramento City College when a massive storm rocked the area. When he came out to the parking lot later that evening, he discovered that his trusty Ford F-150 had not weathered the storm well at all. Winds blew over a massive eucalyptus tree, and it landed directly on his truck lengthwise, completely destroying it.

"I walked up to my truck and I saw it was 'taco'd' around a tree," he told FOX40.

With his poor old truck smashed to bits, Karpekin hitched a ride home to West Sacramento only to find that another tree had been knocked over by the storm and had fallen onto his other car.

"Yeah, and then I come home and two other cars, huh? My luck. I bought a lottery ticket. It didn't win, but I feel like I'm the luckiest guy," said a surprisingly sanguine Karpekin. "Why? I came out alive. Everything is fine. My insurance is covering it. There's no other way to look at it, right?"

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