Kiss the Hennessey Venom GT goodbye, if you can catch it

The Venom GT 'Final Edition' has already sold for $1.2 million.

Not that you were going to buy one anyway, but Hennessey Performance has built its last Venom GT supercar. This white-striped, glacier blue "Final Edition" roadster, powered by a 1,451-horsepower, twin-turbo 7.0-liter V-8, is going for $1.2 million. Even if you had the money (we don't), you can't have this one, as it's already been sold.

Since its inception as the X1 prototype, Hennessey has built 12 other Venom GTs. Six of them have been hardtops, and the other six are roadsters. Output in those individual vehicles ranges from 1,000 to the current 1,451 horsepower. The latest version rips 0-60 mph in just 2.4 seconds, hits 100 mph in 4.4 seconds, and passes 200 mph in 12.8 seconds. It'll do over 270 mph, if you're looking for a dramatic way to stare down the Grim Reaper.

Imbued with such dark power, Hennessey has made a lot of news with the Venom GT over the past few years. In 2013, a 1,244-horsepower Venom GT set a Guinness World Record by doing 0-300 kph (0-186.4 mph) in 13.61 seconds. A year later, the Venom GT hit 270.49 mph at the NASA Kennedy Space Center before running out of runway. Last year, a Venom GT Spyder became the world's fastest convertible by reaching 265.6 mph at Naval Air Station Lemoore in California.

There is one final opportunity to own one of the 12 road-going Venom GT's in existence, as Steven Tyler's Venom GT Spyder is going up for auction tomorrow at Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale. (If owning something associated to Aerosmith grosses you out, too, consider this Burt Reynolds Trans Am instead.)

After years of going after Bugatti's speed records with the Venom GT, the company is turning its sights to the Chiron with the Hennessey Venom F5. John Hennessey has confirmed to Top Gear that his team is "deep into the CAD/CATI design phase" of this next vehicle, beginning aero simulations soon.

"We've attained some pretty incredible achievements with the Venom GT," says Hennessey. There's no denying him that. He adds that we can expect the Venom F5 to be introduced "later this year."

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