One of the key themes of Amazon's The Grand Tour is that the tent stage is in a new location every week. Well, almost every week, but the idea is that it travels. It seems that the giant statues of each host's head are doing the same thing, and today they're in Los Angeles.

The huge heads are touring the California city in style, too. For part of the trip, the heads were flown by helicopter past the Hollywood sign. Afterwards, they've been trucked around to famous sites. From the photos, it appears they've already been to Mann's Chinese Theater and probably the nearby Walk of Fame.

Amazon says the heads will visit other tourist sites in the city as well. Among those listed are Sunset Boulevard and the Santa Monica Pier. So if you're in the LA area, keep an eye out for the heads. We can also expect the heads will show up in other American cities, too, which Amazon says have toured around other countries.

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