In order to meet the staggering demand of the upcoming Model 3, Tesla plans to build electric motors and gearboxes alongside batteries at its Gigafactory in North Las Vegas, NV. Gov. Brian Sandoval sent a tweet yesterday evening announcing the new production, which will help offset Tesla's current vehicle production lines at the automaker's main facility in Fremont, CA.

The new lines will go a long way toward offsetting the strain of the Model 3 production. Tesla has sold roughly 190,000 vehicles worldwide in its entire history, but with Model 3 pre-orders sitting at about 373,000 it's going to take a massive effort to meet customer demands. Shifting production of parts to the Gigafactory will free up production in California while creating about 550 new jobs in Nevada.

It appears that it's not just driveline components for the Model 3 that are moving to Nevada. The Gigafactory already produces batteries, so it makes sense to add all gearbox and electric motor production under one roof. Although the new factory is only about 30-percent complete, things are continuing to ramp up. The automaker plans to employ 6,500 people at the Gigafactory by the end of 2017 and 10,000 total by 2020.

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