Correction: A previous version of this story incorrectly stated these commercials were Super Bowl ads. This is not the case, and the text has been corrected to reflect that they are not, in fact, Super Bowl ads.

Ram has released some new commercials, and they're pretty boring. They're not bad by any means, it's just that they're exactly what you'd expect from a truck commercial.

The two 30-second spots deal with the themes of doing truck things and being a strong, community-focused American. The first of the two shows Rams performing such kind-hearted duties as pulling a fallen tree off a road, or towing a church to its pastoral new home. In the background, the narrator repeats words tied to strength, courage, assistance, and longevity. To paraphrase Mr. Spock, this Ram will be strong, live long, and help your community prosper.

The second spot shifts more to the community-focused and family-minded theme. Clearly, it's meant to show that the tough guy in the Ram has a soft side. But don't worry, he can still pound through snow with his mega-sized plow, which is perfect for making sure people can go ice-skating in the middle of nowhere.

While they're adequate ads that deliver a pretty clear message, they cover the same ground most other truck commercials have. They're just generic truck commercials we'll forget about an hour after they've aired. Here's hoping other automakers step up their game.

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