Tesla Model S owners report discounted 75-kWh upgrade

It's still cheaper just to buy the Model S 75 instead.

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The differences between the Tesla Model S 60 and Model S 75 are few. The 75 offers longer driving range (by 39 miles for the 75 and 41 miles for the 75D). It has a top speed of 140 mph, compared to 130 mph in the 60. The cars obviously have different badging. They also have a price difference of $6,500. Mechanically, though, they are the same car equipped with the same 75-kWh battery. That's why Model S 60 owners can opt to upgrade to the 75 at any time. It just costs more to do it after purchase.

Now, though, some Model S owners are reporting that the cost to upgrade to the 75 has been reduced by $2,000. While procrastinators have had to pay $9,000 to unlock the full potential of their Tesla, the cost of the upgrade on some owners' "My Tesla" page has dropped to just $7,000.

Interestingly, this comes not too long after Tesla increased the price of the Model S 60 from $66,000 to $68,000 late last year. It's still unclear if this discounted upgrade is available to all owners, but if it is, those who purchased their car before November 22 but haven't already upgraded would be getting quite the deal. Of course, they don't need to bring their car into a Tesla Service Center for the upgrade (except for the new badge). Just pay, and wait for a software update to make your car drive longer and faster.

For new buyers, it's still $500 cheaper to order the Model S 75 initially, rather than to buy the upgrade at a later date (assuming the lower price is still available). Nevertheless, the option to upgrade your EV via software is a nice one to have, and, for Tesla, a remunerative one to offer even at a discount.

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