Suspect leads LAPD on slow speed chase down the 405

A man wanted for attempted murder led Los Angeles police on a strange and erratic chase along the 405 freeway earlier this week.

According to KABC, Marcos Tulio Flores was wanted by the LAPD for allegedly shooting his sister-in-law early on January 8. On the evening of January 9, police spotted Flores driving a silver Acura around Sherman Way at about 10:40 p.m. and gave chase.

With police on his tail, Flores fled down Sherman Way. As he drove along, he sped up, slowed down, occasionally stopped, and got out of the car to taunt police. Eventually, he jumped on the 101 and then on to the 405 with dozens of cruisers and interceptors in pursuit. Once he was on the 405, which the LAPD immediately shut down in both directions, he began firing at the pursuing police vehicles. Thankfully, despite Flores and officers firing wild from moving vehicles, no one was hit during the short firefight.

"This is one of the most intense chase scenes I've ever seen," said KABC reporter Desmond Shaw who was riding in the station's Sky2 helicopter.

At around 12:20 a.m., Flores approached the Sunset Boulevard off ramp and pursuing officers decided that they'd had enough of his shenanigans. Police called in two SWAT vehicles which hemmed him in and forced him to stop using a PIT maneuver. Officers then sent in a K-9 unit to bring Flores down. Once the dog had him under control, police arrested him and charged Flores with attempted murder.

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