The next Monopoly game may feature one or more of these auto-themed pieces

New race car token
  • "Race car"
  • Image Credit: Hasbro
  • New race car token
  • New NASCAR token
  • New monster truck token
  • New sports bike motorcycle token
  • New scooter token
  • Classic race car token
If you're a car enthusiast (which would probably be a safe bet if you're reading Autoblog), and you enjoy Monopoly, you've probably made a scramble to grab the game's race car piece at least once in your life. Soon, though, Hasbro might make the race for the car a little less intense. The company is letting the public vote to change up the standard Monopoly game's roster of tokens, and several of the 56 new pieces combine engines and wheels in ways we like.

Three of the new pieces feature four wheels. Among them are a stock car like what you would find in NASCAR, a Formula 1 or IndyCar-inspired open-wheel race car, and a hulking monster truck. They go by slightly different names on the website, but we think you'll recognize them, regardless. Vehicles of the two-wheeled variety include a " motorcycle" in the form of a sports bike, and a Vespa-esque "scooter." Of course, the classic race car is also eligible for voting.

You can see the new pieces in the gallery above, and they can also be found in special edition versions of Monopoly that include the original eight pieces, and eight random new pieces. The special edition Monopoly games will cost $19.99. The motorized machines are up against some stiff competition, such as a T-Rex and a private jet, so if you want to see more four- or two-wheeled rides in the game, you'll want to go to the Monopoly Token Madness website to vote.

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