A modern cowboy saved the day in Paris, Tennessee, last week when he jumped on the hood of a police cruiser and roped a runaway calf.

According to News Channel 5, Henry County Sheriff Monte Belew received an emergency call on January 4 reporting a calf blocking traffic on Highway 79.

"This is not a strange call to receive at all," Sheriff Belew told Channel 5. "Our motto is that I say there's no call we won't take."

Once on the scene, Sheriff Belew and a couple of colleagues tried to herd the calf off the highway with their cruisers, but to no avail. Instead of moving into the median like law enforcement wished, the calf–later identified as Patrick, continued to trot along in his lane oblivious to the cars surrounding him. Desperate to clear the highway and protect the life of the calf, Sheriff Belew called in some special backup – a real life cowboy.

To assist, the Sheriff called up David Bevill, a life-long Henry County farmer and an old friend. Bevill brought a rope and a little know-how. He and Belew concocted a plan to get the stubborn calf off the freeway. Bevill climbed on the hood of Belew's cruiser and, with the calf hemmed in by other police cars, he proceeded to lasso the calf right there on the highway.

"I'm just thinking don't miss," he told reporters. With one toss of the rope, Bevill had the rope over the calf's neck and, after a quick struggle, had him safely off the highway.

"It was probably the best loop I've ever thrown in my life! It surprised us both!" said Bevill.

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