A fix is finally coming for some diesel Volkswagens in America

  • Image Credit: Seyth Miersma
According to Automotive News, the EPA has approved a fix for select Volkswagen and Audi 2.0-liter diesel vehicles. The fix applies to 2015 VW Beetles, Golfs, Golf SportWagens, Jettas, Passats, and Audi A3s. Unfortunately for a majority of people saddled with cheating VWs, Automotive News reports that only about 70,000 vehicles will get this fix. The remainder of the 475,000 affected cars don't have an approved fix yet.

The fix first involves a software update. Later, a particulate filter and additional catalysts will be installed with a further software update. According to Automotive News, the hardware portion will be available next year.

Despite the small number of vehicles approved, this may give VW owners some hope that they'll be able to make their cars emissions compliant. Volkswagen also recently got approval for a fix of nine million cars in Europe, and the company may be close to a fix for diesel V6 models. However, for owners of 2.0-liter models uninterested in waiting for a fix, they can still participate in the buyback. Volkswagen would prefer that repurchased cars aren't stripped of parts beforehand, though.

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