Our friends at Motoroso have launched a Wefunder crowdfunding campaign ahead of NAIAS, and we wanted to tell you a bit about it. You see, Motoroso is a site that lets car enthusiasts browse through other people's car projects and modifications, find and save ideas they like, and share their own project details. But on top of that, the parts of a particular project can be tagged. So if you see some wheels you really like, you can find a place that will sell them to you. It's basically what a lot of car folks do already, with build threads in forums, but the ease of use to find something you like makes Motoroso a bit different. If that sounds a bit like Pinterest, it is, but there's rarely much info about the mods you're looking at if you stumble across a random Pinterest image someone shared.

The unique aspect of the Wefunder campaign is that instead of getting a shirt or mug for participating, you actually get an equity stake in the company. In addition, you can score big discounts off apparel and parts. You'll probably want to read all the details and maybe even the fine print over at the Wefunder page. Whether you are interested in investing or just checking out the Motoroso community, hop on over to their site and give it a look.

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