Ford GT buyers will get this neat kit to help spec their cars

  • Image Credit: Ford
Forget the Ford GT's online configurator: This design spec box, packed in a carbon-fiber case with a latch like the ones used on the race car, is filled with paint chips, interior swatches, mini wheels, and everything a GT customer could need to spec out their individual car. The fortunate few who have been accepted as caretaker of a new Ford GT supercar (and presumably those who get in on the third and fourth years of production) will get this special owner kit to aid in decision-making – not to mention interior decorating for the office shelf or mantle.

These aren't your ordinary paint chips, of course. There's a flowy representation of each of eight GT paint colors as well as clip-on versions of all available stripes to try them on for size. There are also small wheels with the different brake caliper colors to help put the finishing touches on the exterior, plus as packets of real interior materials from each of the available cabin themes.

And of course owners will keep the kit around even after they've made those difficult decisions. (Note: There's nothing difficult about the paint selection. The car should be blue. You're welcome.) The keepsake lightweight box has a spot on the front for a VIN plate that will be sent to the owner once the order has been serialized. You can be sure these will be kept with the cars and brought out at future car shows and concours next to the plaque explaining to bystanders what a steering wheel is and what it was used for back in the day.

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