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I can remember going to the Home Depot with my ol´ Man, getting some plywood, nails and whatever we would need for the weekend project, throwing it on the back, and just pull away from the parking lot in his old F-150, no thrills, it was a basic truck, no bells nor whistles, plain white, a little bit of rust here and there, no electric nonsense, just a roughed truck, the most reliable vehicle I have ever driven.

This truck was used during any given day, as a work truck, to get some furniture or a few 2x4s, a few days a year we even went to the family ranch using a backroad filled with trees, animals and some nasty cactuses that would have sent shivers down the spine of any actual truck owner, there was no need to worry about it, freedom was just a key turn away. Yeah that sounds so weird, nowadays we have electrical nannies, power and heated everything.

All of which are not even needed for the day to day, but we continue paying for them, we don´t need to carry 3,000 or pull 12,000 pounds; heck I can even swear not even 10% of the American population needs those heated steering wheels, we are spending our hard earned dollars in some rubbish that we barely use, we need to stop now.

We must be able to buy real work trucks, something that can just get the job done, something practical, cheap and reliable. Because all these fancy gadgets not only are worthless, but also expensive to fix. Let´s get our Job Trucks back!

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