Man in Scotland loses his friend's BMW for six months in parking garage

This is why you don't loan cars.

Losing your car in a multi-story parking structure is a pretty easy thing to do if you're not paying close attention. A BMW driver in England has us all beat however, after losing his car in a garage for six months.

According to the Manchester Evening News, an unnamed man borrowed his friend's BMW and drove from Scotland to Manchester for a Stone Roses concert back in June 2016. The driver parked the borrowed Bimmer at a City Centre car park and walked over to Etihad Stadium to take in the show. Afterwards, he returned to retrieve the car but realized that he'd forgotten which structure he had parked in. After five days of futile searching and countless calls and emails to the City Council and various parking and towing companies, the owner and his embarrassed friend called it quits and reported the vehicle as lost/stolen to police.

Fast forward to the evening of December 30, when officers of the Greater Manchester Police discovered a sad, lonely, dust-covered Bimmer sitting abandoned in a City Centre parking structure. After running the plates, the GMP discovered that the abandoned vehicle was the Scottish BMW declared lost/stolen in June. After a couple quick tweets on the official GMP Twitter about the discovery, officers called up the owner to tell him the good news.

We can only imaging the owner's parking tab for a car left in a garage since June. Hopefully his absent-minded friend will help him get it out of hock.

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