Lego provides one of the cheapest ways to own a Bugatti Chiron

Bugatti Chiron Lego kit
  • Image Credit: Lego / The Brick Fan
  • Bugatti Chiron Lego kit
  • Mercedes-AMG GT3 Lego kit
  • Ferrari FXX K Lego kit
  • Ford GT and GT40 Lego kit
  • Mercedes F1 Lego kit
  • Ferrari F1 Lego kit
Just over a month ago, we got a look at one of the latest Lego Speed Champions sets when Ford revealed the GT and GT40 kit. Now we get to see the rest of the lineup, and it's chock full of F1 and supercar goodness. The official Lego images show that the Bugatti Chiron, Mercedes-AMG GT3, Ferrari FXX K, and F1 cars from Ferrari and Mercedes all made the cut.

Each set gets some unique features and most include interchangeable wheel covers. The Chiron comes with some tiny cones suitable for desk slaloms and the Mercedes-AMG GT3 gets an alternate nose. The FXX K comes has the most impressive selection of accessories, though, as it includes a dyno and engine run stand.

The F1 sets are divided similarly, but with Mercedes getting more extras. The Brick Fan also reports that the Mercedes kit may be exclusive to select stores. The Ferrari kit only comes with a starting light, but the Mercedes set includes a garage, starting lights, and winner's circle. It'll be up to you whether you put Hamilton or Rosberg in that winner's circle.

According to The Brick Fan, these kits are set for release in winter 2017. Since the Ford GT set has a release of March 1, we expect the rest will hit stores in the next couple of months. They're sure to be great additions to anyone's existing Lego garage.

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