The Uber ride-sharing service is expecting a huge night this New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. The company estimated that last year's total of about 5 million riders will triple this year to 15 million worldwide. With so many people expected to use the service, the company rolled out a few tips to help make the night go more smoothly.

Possibly the most important tip Uber provided was when pricing will be at its highest. That time happens to be between midnight and 3 am. So if you can, it might not hurt to spend just a little more time after the ball drops at your celebration destination to score a better deal. In addition, Uber highlighted the fact that, before you request a car, you'll be able to see your exact cost with the "upfront fare" system it introduced this year to prevent surprises in cost. The company also had a few common-sense suggestions such as making sure you have the right car and driver by checking the license plate number and making sure your friends and family know where you are. The company also added a reminder that any issues can be reported to its customer service department called Help Center.

In addition to these recommendations, Uber added that its service is a much better choice than driving drunk. We agree and also add that Lyft or a cab are also much preferred options for New Year's travels if you're planning to do some serious drinking. Having a designated driver is another great choice, and likely won't cost you anything more than gas money.

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