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No matter what advancements car companies make, I always find myself in the position where I really can't find 1 car that can give me everything I need for every one of the 365 days on the calendar. Some cars do come close, but in doing so they are designed as a compromise. That compromise is something that is unacceptable to me, especially when it comes to something as intimate as motoring. This is my shot at "segmenting" my car needs into a few distinct categories and pointing out what vehicle I would use to take each role. This question has been asked many times, but usually asking you to pick your dream garage with $100K, something like that. I think with that approach, you can end up having some redundancies in your garage. Maybe my way does too, but here it is nonetheless.

1- "The Track Car"
This is your track tool, and it doesn't necessarily have to be road legal. It provides you a lot of time to sit in your garage and wrench. This particular car will also suck most of your free time and money. This one will be the most frustrating car in your garage, but it will also be the most rewarding. The true definition of "risk = reward."

SELECTION: Foxbody Mustang (road race prepped)

2- "The Daily Driver"
This is something reliable. This car will require the least amount of attention, but it really ends up becoming your right-hand man so to speak. Whatever else may be happening in your garage, this car starts when you turn the key. It takes you to work and it handles the weather. That being said, there are cars in this category that don't give into the focus groups and can still provide a spark on your commute when you need it.

SELECTION: 2016 Audi S6

3- "The Canyon Carver"
This car is not a track toy, although it could probably hold its own in that environment. You also don't really drive it everyday, although you could. It requires a bit of attention for maintenance, because you don't want to end up going over the guardrail on a canyon road because you forgot to check your brake pads. The maintenance also helps you understand this car just that little bit more. I specifically like this category of car to be a little mature, meaning I am buying this used and it needs some character. This is the car that you take out to get away from everything else. It is the stress reliever. The point of this car is never to break the bank. In fact, I feel that sometimes a more modest car here can fill the need better.

SELECTION: E46 M3 (6spd)

4-" The Zombie Apocalypse Rig"
This is the chariot that will carry its king/queen into whatever realm he/she desires. So not really intended to fend off the occasional zombie outbreak, but more so just to deal with the seemingly annual snowpocalypse. This thing will be there when the weather is rough, or the terrain is particularly rocky. Make sure the tires are fresh, the skid plate is solid, and the 4WD can handle the stress. An extra bonus if this thing can tow your track toy.

SELECTION: Ford F-150 RAPTOR (with the works)

5- BONUS "The Weekend Class"
So this is a bonus category. Really one of the categories above should be able to fill this role, but if you end up having an extra spot on your driveway maybe you can splurge a little. This car is the one that you take your wife to dinner in. This one is a cruiser, but still has some kick. It is something unique that you drive when you feel like a million bucks. Every person will have a different choice on this one.

SELECTION: 2005 Jaguar XJR, British Racing Green

That is where I stand at this point. The list can be pretty fluid, but generally lands at the same principal cars. The trims may change etc., but the core is there. How would your list look?

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