The first trailer for Top Gear's 24th season shows a hands-free drag race

And yes, there are only three hosts in this teaser.

In the excitement over Amazon's new motoring show, it's important to remember that there's a certain series from the BBC that's attempting to get its mojo back for a 24th season. Yes, we're talking about Top Gear.

Since Chris Evans' departure earlier this year, Top Gear news has been relatively sparse, particularly as The Grand Tour and its hosts Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond seized headlines. But on Christmas, watchers of the series' YouTube channel caught a glimpse of the first scene from the next season. Featuring hosts Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris, and Rory Reid in what looks like a trio of old, dilapidated cars.

We're thinking TG is running a taxi comparison. There's a London black cab and a Mercedes-Benz W210 – a favorite of European cabbies – but we aren't sure where Harris' boxy wagon fits in. Did the Volvo 850 Estate ever serve as a livery vehicle? But it's the basis for this comparison that's weird, because the hosts appear to be having a no-hands drag race. The cars veer off in different directions, traveling across what looks like a snow-covered dirt lot. We're assuming hilarity ensues.

And while we don't quite know what they're hoping to accomplish, we are looking forward to watching it go down. Top Gear's 24th season doesn't have an official air date, and the video ends only with a cryptic "Coming Soon." Expect to hear more in the next few months.

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