An Indonesian man is being lauded as a hero this week after plucking two children out of the path of a runaway vehicle with a superhuman feat of agility.

According to The Express, an Indonesian mechanic was working in his shop last week when a runaway vehicle crashed through the garage's open bay door. Mere seconds before the car crashed into the shop, the man noticed two small children playing right outside of the door. In an instant, the man rushed to the children, grabbed them, executed a flawless back break fall, and pulled them out of harm's way just in the nick of time.

Video of the incident was uploaded to a Taiwanese Facebook group called Gossip Village where it instantly went viral. People from all over the world praised the man for his quick-thinking heroism and compared him to such notable heroes as Jackie Chan and Spider-man.

While there is precious little information about the incident in the video uploaded to Gossip Village, an article published in the Tribun Jambi did shed some light on the situation. According to the Tribun, the incident took place at Selatan Jaya Motor, a mom-and-pop repair shop in Jambi City on the island of Sumatra. The video was uploaded by Anwar Sutanto Chen, who told reporters that the mechanic was a friend of his and an employee at the shop. Thankfully no one was seriously injured, and our hero mechanic might have a bright career as a super hero after this.

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