To paraphrase the old Teddy Bears song, to know them is to love them. That's the general conclusion of a study released earlier this month about Americans' collective knowledge about electric vehicles. The trick, of course, is to get more people to know about them.

According to a study that consultants Altman Vilandrie & Co. conducted with about 2,500 people this past summer, about 60 percent of US drivers are unfamiliar with electric vehicles. Moreover, 80 percent of those polled had never ridden in one. Additionally, for those who said they didn't intend to buy an EV, issues such as high price tags, not enough charging stations, and range anxiety were top of mind.

That said, a good chunk of those who were familiar with EVs seemed to like them. Of those who've driven or ridden in EVs, 60 percent said they liked the experience, compared to the eight percent who did not. In fact, 10 percent of those polled said they intended for their next car to be an EV, implying that about a quarter of those who knew about EVs were ready to take the plunge. Break out 25-to-34-year-olds, and 18 percent of those said their next car would be all-electric. About three percent of those surveyed already owned EVs.

The results of the survey also indicated that $35,000 may be pretty close to the proverbial sweet spot when it came to spurring potential drivers to buy an EV, implying that the Chevrolet Bolt and Tesla Model 3 may tip the scales when it comes to familiarity and comfort with the concept of plugging in. You can read more details here.

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