According to Automotive News, Dave Zuchowski, CEO of Hyundai Motor America, was fired today, effective immediately. Automotive News cites multiple anonymous sources that said the reason for this decision was missing the company's internal sales goals. Hyundai has confirmed in a statement that Zuchowski will be "leaving the company", without citing a specific reason for the departure.

Until a new CEO is named, the American division's executive vice president and general counsel Jerry Flannery will fill the role. Flannery has been with Hyundai since 1987, and a search for a permanent replacement is already underway. According to Hyundai, this change in management is part of "a continuation of a reorganization that began late this year."

Zuchowski became CEO of Hyundai Motor America in 2014, taking the reigns from John Krafcik. Krafcik left at the end of his contract, and now works for Google's autonomous car spin-off Waymo. Zuchowski has worked in the auto industry for over three decades, and was at Ford and later Mazda before coming to Hyundai.

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