Honda teases 2018 Odyssey before Detroit auto show debut

The lightning bolt lives!

This year's North American International Auto Show is going to be a big one for family-car shoppers. Toyota already announced that it would showcase the Camry sedan at the show, and now Honda has announced it will show the 2018 Honda Odyssey minivan.

In addition to the announcement, Honda provided a conceptual drawing of the fifth-generation van, which you can see above. Based on the drawing, it appears to be an evolution of the current model. The rendering even shows the current Odyssey's lightning-bolt window line made the transition. The D-pillar and taillights also have bear resemblance to the current version's.

It does appear that these styling points are accented by a more sculpted body with more lines and curves. It also looks lower and longer, almost like the fourth-generation, Japanese-market Odyssey. Unfortunately, that's probably because conceptual drawings tend to show cars as being much more sleek and aggressive than they are in reality. Of course we'll know for sure how accurate the drawing represents the final product soon enough. The Odyssey breaks cover on January 9, and we'll be sure to share it with you.

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