Porsche says goodbye to Audi's Le Mans team in this classy video

Well, this is cute. You may remember that in 2014 Audi made a video to welcome Porsche, its corporate sibling, back to Le Mans racing. It involved an Audi race car, a farmer on an old Porsche tractor, and the street in front of Porsche HQ. With Audi leaving Le Mans after a successful 18-year run, Porsche is returning the favor with this sort of sappy video.

There's not much more to it. The video starts with clips from the original, where the Porsche-diesel-tractor-driving farmer is passed by an Audi R18 that traveled from Ingolstadt to Stuttgart to make some very precise German street graffiti (in English). Then, in the present day, the farmer hears the news of Audi leaving LMP1 and he gets an idea while Joe Cocker's "Up Where We Belong" starts to play. (Yes, seriously.) We won't spoil the ending for you.

It still stinks that Audi had to leave Le Mans racing in the wake of the diesel scandal to focus on Formula E racing instead. But it's good to see there are no hard feelings between the two VW Group brands, at least as far as the marketing departments are concerned. We expect the Porsche-Audi sibling rivalry and corporate squabbles to continue behind closed doors, however.

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