Mountie saves man's life while in the bed of a speeding pickup truck

Video of a A Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer risking his life to save a young man overdosing on fentanyl was released to the public last week.

In September a motorist waved down an RCMP officer on Highway 55 at 43rd Street in Athabasca, according to the CBC. She told the officer that a man inside her truck had overdosed on fentanyl and needed help. The officer quickly checked the man over and found him unresponsive and without a pulse.

"He was not breathing," Alberta RCMP Cpl. Laurel Scott told the CBC last Friday. "He was having issues and clearly in medical distress."

Without hesitation, the RCMP officer jumped to the young man's aid. "He had to do a very quick risk assessment which was that he needed to get going immediately to the hospital," Scott said.

As the officer worked on the overdosing man, another woman pulled up and told the officer that she had just been involved in a collision with the truck. Upon seeing the young man in distress, she jumped in to administer CPR on the side of the highway. The RCMP officer and the other motorist got the man into the truck bed and continued to provide CPR and other life-saving assistance while the driver sped toward a hospital. Thankfully, the young man survived his ordeal and made a full recovery thanks to the quick actions of the RCMP officer and the other motorist.

"The indication from the hospital is that the assistance given by the officer and the second motorist was very instrumental in assisting to save this man's life," Scott said.

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