A gaggle of tourists visiting the Kruger National Park in South Africa got a close look at a pride of lions tearing apart an animal carcass last week. The 13 or so lions lazed around on the sunny stretch of tarmac and dinned on a buffalo, completely oblivious to the traffic jam they created.

Some cars managed to sneak past the pride, but the majority of drivers just sat and watched as the majestic beasts stretched across both lanes of traffic dining on their recent kill. Not all of the encounters drivers have with animals in drive through safari parks are so sedate. Hopefully, everyone had their cars locked. Lions have been known to open car doors in such parks, like this incident last year in a South African safari park. Lions aren't the only creatures giving tourists a run for their money. A Chinese woman was killed when she exited her car in a park during an argument with her family and was dragged off by a tiger. And that's just the trouble critters with teeth and claws get into. These parks also have animals that can crush cars as well. Hippos and Elephants have both been captured on dashcam trashing vehicles that came too close to their personal space.

The moral of this story? Always give large, wild animals plenty of room and time to finish their lunch, lest you find yourself next on the menu.

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