On a recent episode of Jay Leno's Garage, Leno brings guest and ventriloquist Jeff Dunham on for an unusual drag race, since it takes place on water and each comedian drives a WaterCar Panther. Check out the video above to see their photo finish.

The WaterCar Panthers is an interesting vehicle. Despite looking a lot like a Jeep Wrangler, the Panther doesn't share anything with the go-almost-anywhere SUV. The body is made entirely from fiberglass and filled with foam. The interior is a custom job and uses stainless steel, marine vinyl, and epoxy-coated materials everywhere possible to make the interior water- and corrosion-proof.

Powering the amphibious truck is a 250-horsepower Honda V6 hooked up to a transfer case that sends power both to a conventional transmission and to the water jet for aquatic propulsion. Oddly enough, the transmission for driving on the road is from a Volkswagen bus. According to the video, this combination is fairly potent, since a WaterCar Panther set an amphibious car water speed record of 60 mph. Leno and Dunham only hit about 45 mph.

In case seeing these two comedians has you wanting your own Panther, you'd better have a big bank account. A turn-key model, complete with a custom paint job, runs $155,000. If that's too spendy, WaterCar also offers a more affordable version that comes without the custom paint or the engine and transmission. That model goes for $126,000.

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