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Gift yourself Sung Kang's Fugu Z for just $1.09 this holiday season

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Hot Wheels has really been knocking it out of the park by immortalizing the cars of auto enthusiast icons lately. Just a few months ago the toy brand rolled out a series of scale Porsches inspired by Magnus Walker's Urban Outlaw cars. Today we learned that another icon's custom ride will arrive in stores at the end of December. The Fugu Z, a custom Datsun 240Z built by Fast and Furious star Sung Kang, has been miniaturized and can be yours for a dollar and some change.

The recreation is a faithful one, capturing the body kit's wide, bolt-on overfenders, and the fender-mounted side mirrors. At the back, the model features a tiny representation of the custom Fugu Z badge in the same script as the original Z badging. It also has a license plate with the Greddy logo as a nod to the aftermarket company's help in building the real car. The inside is nicely detailed as well, complete with a little plastic roll cage. The only real detail missing is a miniature version of the real car's naturally aspirated RB-series straight-six. We can forgive that, though, since the hood doesn't open anyway.

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The car also appears to be the fruit of a trip Kang took to the Hot Wheels headquarters back in 2015. Kang posted photos of his trip along with a video of a scale model mold of his car being created, which you can see above. According to the Fansided website Art of Gears, nothing was said at the time if the car would make it to production, either as a main line vehicle or a limited edition. Lucky for us, it's in production now, and we'll be keeping an eye on the Hot Wheels aisle for our own copies. Maybe if we're really lucky, his Maverick will get the Hot Wheels treatment, too.

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