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Drive a McLaren | The List #650

It's a street car, but you wouldn't know that by driving one

Race cars are meant for the track, not the road. As you might expect, you can't just buy a Formula One car and drive it around town. But what if one of the most decorated brands in F1 took all of that past experience and intelligence and put it toward making a street car? Well lucky for us, we don't have to ask "what if," because McLaren does that on a daily basis.

On this episode of The List, our hosts Jessi and Patrick get to learn about the founder of the brand, Bruce McLaren, and the legacy he's left behind. Bruce started racing and building cars when he was only 15 years old, so it's not surprising that he went on to create one of the most iconic automotive companies of all time. According to Patrick, driving a McLaren, "makes you feel like a racecar driver" which was no doubt the intent of Bruce all those years ago.

After discussing the fascinating history of the brand, our hosts hit the streets in a McLaren 650S. "We've been in some fun cars and this car is going to blow your mind," Patrick said as he navigated a winding English road. Get ready to experience the race-bred performance of McLaren on this episode of The List.

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