If you've been wanting your Apple CarPlay nav system to point your EV to a charging station, you're in luck. Apple Maps has been updated with ChargePoint EVSE data, which means that direction to 30,000 charging stations should now be available. In Maps, you will also be able to see how much these stations cost and when they're open. Siri and Apple Pay will also work with these POIs.

It's been fairly clear for years that making public charging easy is key to people enjoying their EVs. Even if you don't driven an EV, seeing the "ChargePoint" info on your phone all the time makes them part of the new normal. Of course, Google Maps has had EV charging station data in it for years, and automakers offer plenty of their own apps to find places to plug in, like Ford's MyFord Mobile app. Then there are the third-party apps like CarStations and Alt Fuel. Better late than never, Apple.

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