Turns out, there is one big downside to a long-range electric vehicle. Namely, it's dangerous to insects. All the proof you'll need is in this clever, 30-second ad for the new Opel Ampera-e (aka the European Chevy Bolt). Don't feel too bad for the little bugs, and prepare to be amazed that Opel managed to sign God (or some similar deity) as a spokesperson for the EV. And they filmed on location in heaven, too. Cool.

Opel has made other interesting ads for the new EV. It recently showed how the Ampera-e can beat other Opels on the drag strip, for example. It's a good idea to get people's attention with these quick-hit videos, since the name just might confuse people who think the Ampera-e is a revised Opel Ampera, which was the European version of the first-gen Chevy Volt.

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