Tesla has opened a new flagship store in Boston's Prudential Tower. The larger space is located at the building's entrance, and has enough room to display four vehicles (currently two apiece of the Model S and Model X). It's part of a move by Tesla to have a greater market penetration in the Northeast, though some would say that the automaker needs more service centers in the region as well. Tesla is also trying to put more of its stores in areas of high foot traffic. Read more at Electrek.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan is investing almost $1 billion in cycling infrastructure. After taking over for bike-fan Mayor Boris Johnson, Khan promised to "be the most pro-cycling Mayor London has ever had." As such, he's investing £770 million (about $988 million) to make London more welcoming to cyclists. His plans include two Cycle Superhighways in 2017, which not only provide more access for cyclists, but are expected to help reduce congestion. It's still unclear what exactly the infrastructure will look like, which has cyclists and motorists alike a little worried. Read more at Treehugger.

WiTricity has announced Tunable Matching Network (TMN) technology for wireless EV charging. TMN automatically optimizes energy transfer based on variables like parking misalignment, different vehicle heights, and battery voltage. SAE will use results of TMN testing in establishing its J2954 global standard for wireless charging. TMN ensures interoperability across automakers, and provides 91 to 94 percent efficiency. Read more at Green Car Congress, or from WiTricity.

GM has chosen the AeroVironment EVSE-RS as the official home charger for the Chevrolet Bolt. Chevy will sell this 32-amp (up from the rest of the EVSE-RS lineup's 30 amps), indoor/outdoor, Level 2 charging station at its dealerships. As such, it will get its own GM part number. Read more at Green Car Congress.

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