Why would you put 41,999 LEDs on a 2017 Lexus IS sedan? Well, for starters, because you don't have 42,000 LEDs available, but also to get attention. This car was built as a mobile programmable screen to be featured in a music video by Dua Lipa. (No, we hadn't heard of her either, but that's cool.)

It's called the LIT IS, because, well, you know, and it is featured in Dua Lipa's new music video for "Be the One." Lexus says it used a mile of wire to connect all of those light sources (how much must that weigh?) and that together they put out 175,000 lumens, or about the amount of light emitted by 100 100-Watt bulbs. They're even stuck inside the spindle grille. It sort of reminds of the Swarovski crystal headlight option on a Mercedes-Benz S-Class coupe, only if the entire car were a headlight. And the headlight could change color.

You can see the lighting system in action in the promotional video above. And in the vein of of one-off Lexus IS sedans, don't forget about the Sriracha IS that was shown at the LA auto show. For some reason. Apparently Lexus wants us to pay attention to this car.

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