Uber is working on making its autonomous ride-sharing fleet reality. Developing smart, adaptable, and reliable self-driving software is key, and in order to reach its goal the company created Uber AI Labs. The new division will be dedicated to researching and developing the systems that will power Uber's self-driving fleet. Uber purchased AI research startup Geometric Intelligence, and its 15-member team will form the core of AI Labs.

Rather than crowdsourcing the data that will back the autonomous hardware, according to The New York Times, Geometric Intelligence allows systems to create their own rules by using just a few examples and extrapolating the information. Humans are capable of doing so, and the group believes it can train machines to do the same. In addition to the autonomous features, Uber said the research will lead to more accurate routes and more precise arrival times.

The company is going all-in on a high-tech future. It's already started planning for flying taxis and has been testing a small autonomous fleet for months now. Uber is competing head-to-head against other ride-share providers like Lyft and mainstream automakers like Ford to get self-driving fleets on the market.

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