The Ferrari 488 Challenge is the one-make series' first turbo car

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Ferrari has revealed its newest Ferrari Challenge series racecar, just in time to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the one-make series next year. The new model is the 488 Challenge, and like its road-going sibling, it features a turbocharged V8. This makes the 488 Challenge the first car in the series to use a turbocharger, and at 670 CV (660 horsepower), it's the most powerful car the series has featured.

The car made its debut at the season-ending Finali Mondiali event at Daytona International Speedway over the weekend. In addition to the new powertrain, the 488 Challenge gets other updates compared to its 458-based predecessor. The engine is lighter by more than 43 pounds, and the exhaust has lost nearly 19 pounds. The front bumper and the hood have been completely redesigned, and the rear wing is larger than its predecessor's. Drivers also now have a pair of manettinos (make that manettini) on the steering wheel for managing traction control settings, instead of one like on the road cars. One adjusts when it activates, and the other controls how aggressive the system is when it does kick in.

Thanks to these various changes, the 488 Challenge is notably faster than the previous Challenge car, the 458 Challenge Evoluzione. Ferrari claims the 488 lapped its Fiorano test circuit a full second faster than the 458. You'll be able to see this new Ferrari in action in the coming year's Ferrari Challenge Series. But until the series starts, check out our live photos of the new machine above and a gallery of Ferrari-supplied images below.

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