McLaren 570S Track Pack removes 55 pounds just to add them back at 150 mph

2017 McLaren 570S with Track Pack front 3/4
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  • 2017 McLaren 570S with Track Pack front 3/4
  • 2017 McLaren 570S with Track Pack rear 3/4
  • 2017 McLaren 570S with Track Pack roof
  • 2017 McLaren 570S with Track Pack interior
  • 2017 McLaren 570S with Track Pack steering wheel
  • 2017 McLaren 570S with Track Pack seat
Though the McLaren 570S is plenty sporty as-is, the British supercar builder decided there was room for improvement. That improvement comes by way of a new Track Pack option for the sports car. The meat of the upgrade are a gaggle of lighter parts to go along with a new rear wing.

Inside, leather upholstery is swapped for Alcantara, and the standard buckets are replaced with carbon fiber racing-style units. Combined with lighter wheels, the package reduces the 570S's weight by 55 pounds. The new rear wing, exclusive to the 570S, nullifies the weight gain, and then some, once up to supercar-level speeds. The wing is 12 mm taller than the stock example, and produces an extra 64 pounds of downforce at 150 miles per hour.

The other performance-oriented goody included in the package is the McLaren Track Telemetry system. This app records lap times, sector time splits, and logs data for analysis of your performance. Because McLaren knows owners will want people to see that they have the most hardcore 570S available, the company made a couple of visual tweaks, too. The roof is painted in what McLaren calls "Dark Palladium" and the exhaust and wheels are given a "stealth-finish." Based on the photos, this seems to be a fancy way of saying "satin black."

The Track Pack is now available for ordering and delivery in 2017. The package isn't cheap at a price of £16,500, or $20,595 at current exchange rates. But look at it this way. The extra grams from those dollars in your wallet were slowing you down on the track.

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