The Power Wheels Mustang features traction and stability control

It's never too early to prep for Cars and Coffee.

Rumors have been flying about the current Mustang's mid-cycle refresh. There are spy shots and plenty of talk of 10-speed automatics and magnetorheological dampers, but what people have failed to discuss is the all-electric Mustang that goes on sale next month. Sure it's not for everyone (especially adults), but people have been clamoring for a smaller, lighter pony car for years.

Fisher-Price and Ford have teamed up for the holiday season to bring you the most advanced Power Wheels vehicle ever. Dubbed the Power Wheels Smart Drive Mustang, the new car features a variable speed limiter (1 to 5 mph), a progressive accelerator, and both traction and stability control. This thing will reduce power if it detects a wheel slipping or cut power completely if it thinks you might roll over. It's also great training on how to avoid any eventual Cars and Coffee Mustang mishaps.

An auxiliary input jack connects to the largest speaker ever installed in a Power Wheels vehicle, but the lack of Bluetooth will be frustrating for those kids with iPhone 7s. The big speaker also produces real engine noises that rise and fall with the vehicle's speed. This Mustang may not have a V8, but it will sure sound like it does.

The Power Wheels Smart Drive Mustang goes on sale next month for $359.99. It joins the Ford F-150, Jeep Wrangler, and Porsche 911 GT3 in the Fisher Price stable.

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