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Crash sends race car driver sliding into first place

A Belgian race car driver won an unexpected victory at the 2016 FIA GT World Cup race last weekend when he slid to victory on the roof of his car.

According to, this year's FIA GT World Cup race at the Macau Guia race track in Macau was more accident prone than usual. The race had already been delayed by one crash earlier in the day when Belgian driver Laurens Vanthoor went into Mandarin Bend too hot chasing Porsche driver Earl Bamber, to whom Vanthoor had just lost his lead. Vanthoor's Audi clipped a wall at about 155 miles per hour causing his car to flipped on to its roof and continued down the straightaway at speed. Thankfully, despite the speed and violence of the crash, Vanthoor escaped mostly unscathed. Officials immediately red-flagged the race and, because of delays caused by the earlier crash, the race was called.

Since the race was canceled, officials performed a countback on the previous lap's results and declared Vanthoor the winner despite the fact that he finished upside down. In the aftermath, a shaken Vanthoor questioned whether or not he deserved to win.

"I don't really know if I deserved it in a way, as I crashed and made a mistake and I am still a winner – which is very awkward," Vanthoor told Motorsport. "But I don't really know what to say. It would have been a better show for everybody without the crash and a better victory, but I don't know what to think about it."

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