Back in 1985, Honda rolled out the original Rebel, which housed the Nighthawk 250's workaday parallel twin in a seriously '80s-style "factory custom" cruiser. It was a hit, being simultaneously cheap, extremely economical, and very easy to ride. With an exceptionally low step-over height, it was popular with younger and shorter riders too. And still is ... a full generation later, you can buy a brand-new Rebel 250 for $4,510.

If that's simply too retro for you, there's a much more compelling option on the way: the all-new Rebel 300 and 500, just unveiled and going on sale next year. The 300 will use the water-cooled single found in the lower-end CB and CBR models, and the 500 will use a water-cooled parallel twin from the mid-sized CB and CBRs. It's a smart plan: a full range of smaller bikes in several different body styles, so there's something that should appeal to every entry-level rider (or any experienced rider who just wants a bang-around bike).

17 Honda Rebel 500_yellow RHP

The new Rebels look pretty cool, too. The radiator isn't all that prominent in profile. The wheels look like classic motorcycle alloys, but lean and modernized. The trellis-style frame supports an upright and shapely tank, and the solo saddle blends well with the pre-bobbed rear fender. The overall look is surprisingly upscale, and should also be a great basis on which to build inexpensive custom bikes of every shape and style you can think of. If you are a new rider, or just like little bikes, this is a great new option from Honda.

Both bikes will have safety features riders want right now, like optional ABS. The colors at launch will be silver, yellow, black, and red – unless you want ABS, in which case black is the only choice. The 300 is expected to start at $4,399 and the 500 at $5,999, and both of these prices likely don't include an expected delivery charge of around $300. We'll get more exact pricing in December, and the bikes will hit dealers in April of 2017.

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