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BMW's next Gran Turismo model shows off a little more roofline

  • Image Credit: CarPix
One of our spy photographers caught BMW's latest Gran Turismo model out testing with less camouflage covering it that we've seen before. As you'd expect from a vehicle that will replace the mostly unloved 5 Series GT, we're keen to note the shape of the prototype's roofline. The car also doesn't have the fake body panels attached to the rear deck.

With more of the car visible, we can see that the tail section won't be as tall and awkward as the outgoing 5 Series model. We can also see that the car now has a retractable rear spoiler. The roofline doesn't appear to have changed much from previous spy shots, but it too is lower and more swept than the current model. What we can see of the nose appears to be taken straight from the new 5 Series sedan, though the lower grille in the bumper appears to be a bit different and a bit less aggressive.

Documentation located by our spy shooter suggests this car could be called a 6 Series GT rather than a 5 Series GT, which is a rumor we've been hearing through the internet grapevine. The car's sloping roof line would also make it a solid candidate for the 6 Series name, which is reserved for coupe and coupe-ish midsize BMWs. However, the 5 Series nose and more formal A pillar seem to suggest using the old name. From a business standpoint, there's one more reason BMW might give this GT a 6 instead of a 5. Audi has its own sleek hatchback coming out next year in the form of the A5 Sportback, which uses the A5 coupe's name. BMW doing the same with the GT would seemingly position it as a more direct competitor.

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