Needing neither forty acres nor forty sticks of dynamite, a trucker showed off his prodigious skills recently by threading his rig through a tight gap in a busy neighborhood in an unidentified Chinese city.

This video recently popped up on YouTube and honestly it raises more questions than it answers. Shot from a high balcony somewhere in China, it shows a cab over Scania hauling a multi-modal trailer stuck in a very narrow gap–just wide enough for the trailer to pass through–between two buildings. For about three minutes, the trucker attempts to get his rig out on to a main street without damaging the surrounding buildings or getting hit by cross traffic. As he performs his 72-point turn, backing in and out of the tiny gap, helpful passersby spot for him, guiding him through and covering his blind spots. Eventually, miraculously, the driver gets the truck unstuck without damage to himself or surrounding buildings and goes on his merry way.

How did he get in this predicament? Why was he driving an 18-wheeler in a dense residential neighborhood in the first place? Is he some kind of truck driving god who has come to teach all of us how to parallel park and absolve us of all our driving sins? No one knows for sure. There's no information in the video's description, and precious little to go by in the video itself. All we can do is bask in the glory of this amazing feat of driving and rest assured that this driver is out there, somewhere, doing his thing and being amazing.

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