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Meet the man with a million-dollar Hot Wheels collection

As far as hobbies go, collecting automobiles must rank as one of the most expensive. Which is why we'd guess that lots of people choose to buy little die-cast models of their favorite cars that are outside the realm of budgetary realities. But at least one man has decided to forgo the real thing entirely, focusing solely on the humble little Hot Wheels line of toys from Mattell.

Bruce Pascal owns over 3,500 Hot Wheels models, including the rarest of them all, a mid-1970s Volkswagen Bus in bright pink with a pair of surfboards stuffed inside the back window. That VW Beach Bomb Rear-Loader is worth $150,000 on its own, but the total value of the collection is even more impressive at over a million bucks. It's all housed in an office, nay shrine, to all things 1:64 scale.

Take a closer look at Pascal's collection in the video above. And if you want to know what he drives in the real world, pay attention around the thirty-second mark.

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