Tesla has reduced the price of its Powerpack by 10 percent. The new generation of its Powerpack large scale energy storage system uses a cheaper inverter made in house. Tesla cut the price by five percent back in September, and the newest price drop brings the cost down to about $398 per kWh. "The Tesla inverter paired with the Powerpack 2 allows storage to be available to the utility industry at price points and with functionality previously unknown," says Tesla. "The combined system is now a cost-competitive alternative to other traditional utility infrastructure solutions such as building larger substations, bigger wires and more power plants." Read more at Electrek.

Tesla has begun to bundle interior colors and materials in order to streamline its production process. There are now five interior bundles options, each with the option to add a carbon fiber upgrade. The change in the Model X Design Studio follows the discontinuation of the Model S and Model X P90D and a reduction of exterior paint colors and other various options on its models. These changes all appear to help Tesla make its manufacturing process more efficient. We can probably expect more streamlining as the automaker gets ready for Model 3 production. Read more at Teslarati.

Treehugger has reviewed the Blix Bike Vika+ e-bike. The $1,650 folding pedelec weighs about 48 pounds, and features a 350-watt electric motor in the rear hub. It assists at speeds of up to 18 mph, with a range of 35 miles. The reviewer liked its compact design, build quality, easy storage, and its price, but saw some room for improvement in the technology that keeps it from boosting at low speeds. He also says it could use some sort of feature to keep it securely folded when not in use. Check out the bike in the video above, and read the review at Treehugger.

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