Man tries to give girl his phone number while doing 70 mph on the motorway

There are safer and easier ways to pick up girls, man.

A plumber in England was caught on camera earlier this week passing his phone number to a girl on a motorway while driving at 70 mph.

According to the North Devon Journal, Chelsea Wallace and Sophie Becks were traveling along the M5 motorway near Exeter, England when a man in a white van took an interest in them.

"The van overtook us twice and then slowed so we had to overtake it as well," Becks told the Journal. "Then we could see in the back car window he was flipping his business card in his hand. He then pulled over next to us and told us to open the window and in the middle of the motorway he gave my friend his business card with his number on it. He was a plumber."

Becks caught the strange incident on video while Wallace dealt with the plumber.

"At the start we did not know what he was doing. But when we realized, we were all hysterically laughing and did not know what to do."

Later that day, the pair looked up the speeding lothario on Facebook but were decidedly unimpressed.

"We looked him up on Facebook but Chelsea was not interested," Becks told the Journal.

The North Devon Journal reached out to plumber–whose name, number, and contact information were both on his card and plastered on the side of his van–for comment, but he has not responded.

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