Ferrari F1 ace Sebastian Vettel shows the proper way to drive the LaFerrari Aperta

Listen, let's be frank here, we don't have to tell you much to get you to watch this video. It's a new Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta, that's the convertible variant, being driving on mountain roads and a race track. Behind the wheel is Ferrari's ace Formula One driver and four-time champion, Sebastian Vettel. Do you really need more than that?

Fine, we'll tell you a little more. The LaFerrari Aperta sounds amazing, with all 12 cylinders shrieking as Vettel pushes it around corners. On track, we get to see a quick snippet of Ferrari's pride and joy drifting, too. The trio on the The Grand Tour would surely approve. The video also celebrates Ferrari's racing history, which spans nearly 70 years, by showing the company's famous race cars in reflections as the LaFerrari passes by. If that's not enough to get you to watch the video, you must really hate Ferraris.

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