Every week we compile recent industry news and interesting reads that shouldn’t be missed. Here’s the digest for November 5th to November 11th.

Tesla Buys German Engineering Company to Speed Production

Tesla and automation go hand and hand, so it should come as no surprise that the electric car manufacturer recently finalized their purchase of Grohmann Engineering. Grohmann specializes in automated manufacturing, and Tesla hopes this acquisition will help them achieve their goal of 500,000 cars built a year by 2018. That’s up from an estimated 80,000 vehicles built in 2016 – a gargantuan increase in production. Will that mean there will be a Tesla on every corner instead of a Toyota Corolla? Not yet, but it’s a step closer.

To learn more about the deal, check out Motor Trend.

All Future Ferraris to be Hybrids

What could make a great Ferrari even better? More power, of course. At least that’s the reasoning behind Ferrari’s commitment to make all of their future models hybrids.

Adding an electric motor to an already powerful internal combustion engine provides more torque and instant response. Of course, the hybrid drivetrain will also make the vehicles more efficient.

Building on the LaFerrari hybrid hypercar’s success, Ferrari CEO Sergio Marchionne said that by 2019, all Prancing Horses will be hybrids. We’re not sure if Enzo would be excited, or if he’s rolling over in his grave, but there’s no doubt that Maranello’s finest cars will continue to set a standard for style and performance.

If you’d like to learn more about Ferrai’s hybridized future, check out Autocar.

Next-Gen Charger and Challenger not Due Until 2021

Chevrolet full-size pickup trucks remained essentially unchanged from 1973 to 1987. The Ford Ranger was left untouched from 1993 to 2012. Now, Dodge is competing for the long-in-the-tooth record with its Challenger and Charger muscle cars.

Originally introduced in 2008, the manufacturer had originally planned to release new models of both in 2018, but that idea was nixed in favor of keeping the existing models until 2021 – blame the FCA group’s slumping sales figures.

When they make their debut, the new duo will be based on the Alfa Romeo Giulia chassis. Until then, we imagine the aged Dodges will have a hard time keeping up with the contemporary Camaro and Mustang.

Dodge fans can read more about the Challenger and Charger’s extended stay at Road & Track.

Nissan Introduces New Series Hybrid Design

Nissan has some pretty dull names for its hybrid and electric vehicles, such as Leaf and Note. However, there’s some great technology behind these mundane monikers. Case in point: the new series hybrid system in the 2017 Note.

Nissan claims the design is the world’s first series hybrid propulsion system in a compact automobile. The name of the design is e-Power, and like all series hybrids, it has only one electric transmission path between the power source and the driven wheels.

However, this system is very similar to the hybrid drivetrain in the also compact BMW i3, so it’s unclear if Nissan’s “world first claim” is all smoke and mirrors. Regardless, you’ll want to take note of the the Note when it begins hitting showrooms. Pun intended.

Read more about the new Note hybrid over at SAE.

Women in Auto Care Recognizes YourMechanic

Not to toot our own horn, but we’re really proud of this one: YourMechanic has received an Automotive Communications Award from the Women in Auto Care at the AAPEX show in Las Vegas. The award celebrates YourMechanic as the best business-to-consumer website for car advice, and a comprehensive resource for car owners.

“YourMechanic Advice is a natural extension of our mission to make car care easy, convenient and affordable,” said YourMechanic's Maddy Martin. “When we found that there wasn’t an easy-to-understand and comprehensive car care resource available online, our goal was clear. We teamed up with experts to address topics that concern every driver, from tire-changing tips to the dashboard lights you should never ignore. We’re now able to serve many more drivers in need with this information, which is available for free, at their fingertips, 24/7. It’s about giving people confidence and peace of mind.”

Based on this recognition, it seems that people appreciate the knowledge we so readily share with them. We’re committed to keeping up the good work.

You can find out more about YourMechanic’s award over at Ratchet and Wrench.

This article originally appeared on YourMechanic.com as Industry News for Automotive Techs: November 5 - November 11.

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