In addition to recent news coverage of Tesla expanding to Europe, specifically Germany, there are reports of the United Kingdom also looking like a viable expansion location for Tesla. As Elon Musk addressed the press after news broke of Tesla acquiring a German automated factory specialist, Grohmann Engineering, he also said that Tesla is likely to establish an engineering group in Britain at some point in the future.

Musk said: "We have a lot of respect for the British automotive engineering talent. Just look at Formula 1 - it amazes me how much British talent there is in that." For example, there are engineering hubs in and around the Midlands, which could well offer Tesla some valuable know-how. According to The Telegraph, Musk does not see Brexit and the current climate of financial insecurity surrounding Britain as a hindrance, and that Brexit is not likely to have "a significant impact" on Tesla's plans.

For Tesla, Europe is a major market and a very possible Gigafactory 2 location. "Tesla is going to make some very significant investments in Europe - and the US of course", said Musk. "There is no question of at least one, maybe two or three Gigafactory locations in Europe in the future. We think it the right thing to do is to start producing cars there as soon as we can reasonably do."

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