This Mini just set a very long Nurburgring lap record

The driver deserves most of the credit, obviously.

The video above is 45 minutes long. You probably won't watch the whole thing. It documents what is possibly the least visually exciting and most impressive Nürburgring record ever, with a Chinese driver keeping a Mini Cooper on two wheels for the entirety of a Nordschleife lap. That's 12.9 miles at a blistering average speed of 17 mph.

The number of support vehicles seen on track, some of which pass the Mini at various points, highlights just how nonstandard this lap is. A Mercedes van trailing behind stops at one point and then catches back up shortly after. This is an endurance run more than anything. Credit of course goes to the skilled driver, who had to balance the car on its left wheels while enduring the pain of leaning at a steep angle. For 45 minutes. The car was specially prepped, with things like a welded diff and an airless left front tire (it looks like something off a fork lift) helping it steer, propel, and support the car.

Bridge to Gantry's Dale Lomas was there to witness the leisurely event, and he has all of the details, including what was done to the car and what it was like to travel from viewing location to viewing location to witness the same lap. The driver, Han Yue, is an expert at manhandling Minis. He's the guy with the Guinness record for the tightest parallel-parking job (not to be confused with the tightest reverse parallel park) and also set with a driver in an M4 doing donuts around his up-on-two-wheels Cooper. We find it extremely fitting that the car for this latest record was plastered with Red Bull decals. You know, the wings?

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